Behind the Desk (BTD): Expectations vs. Reality

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About a year and a half ago I learned about modern day slavery. This past January, I joined the Rescue Houston team as an intern for the spring semester. As a senior at Texas A&M University, I wasn’t sure how  much of an impact I could make, however, I still did what I could do; joined on-campus organizations promoting awareness of human trafficking, volunteered with non-profits, and then ended up here at Rescue Houston learning what happens behind the scenes! And let me tell you, so far it has been super fun and informative while also acting as a major personal growth experience.

I came in to this opportunity with little expectations, seeing as I had basic experience with non profits and average knowledge on human trafficking. I came equipped with a passion and a ‘go-getters’ attitude. Although both have served me well in these first couple weeks, I am learning I did come in with expectations. Those expectations were misconceptions I had about non profits and this area of work. I assumed everyday was an intense rescue mission or something along those lines. Even though that isn’t the case, it still is! Every day of office work is geared towards more rescue missions! I love getting to partake in day-to-day activities because I know the greater cause of this organization is to set more captives free.

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