BTD: His Promise is Still the Same

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Hi again, everyone! Right now I am going through major life changes! I will be graduating in May, moving to a new city, and starting a career in a field I did not expect to end up in. This is a crazy time of figuring out how to transition from college life to adulthood. Additionally, this is also a time to reflect on promises God has made me, where I thought I would be and where I am now, and how to continue to pursue my dreams and passions.


If you asked me a year ago today where I thought I would be and what I would be doing upon graduation, I would confidently state, “working for a non profit organization fighting human trafficking”. But wait. That is not what I will be doing. So why did God promise me and dream with me that this would be the path I would take? Well, He didn’t. I took a small thing, well not small, but rather a passion, and ran with it. I think I ran so far I left God behind and started building my own dream. There were never any definitive plans from Him that I would be in X city, doing X job, and working for X non profit. All of those plans were in my head.


As graduation started creeping up on me, I began applying for every non profit job in the anti-human trafficking field I could find. Needless to say, none of these panned out and I was upset with God for a while. This was supposed to be our dream and it seemed like every door that looked promising closed on me.


Slowly, I took time to reflect on where I thought I would be and why I thought that. It all boiled down to me dreaming up the perfect life I thought I wanted or needed. But where I am now and where I am headed is all being held in God’s hands and man, am I happy I can take hope in that. There is no fear in what the future holds because it is GOOD and I can trust He will always have my best interest at heart, more so than I could ever think up for myself.


I came to the conclusion that God gave me this dream and passion for me to help men, women, and children who have been hurt deeply by the darkness this world holds. Not for me to make it about myself. Being part of this fight does not only look like working in it, but praying for healing and restoration, volunteering to speak the Gospel to those unreached, and advocating for those who do not have a voice.

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