60-Day Emergency Assessment Program Starts Strong

In the five years since Rescue Houston launched its 24/7 hotline, we have helped rescue and support over 250 victims of sexual exploitation in greater Houston. Huge thanks to all who have [...]


Self-Care is Not Selfish

When I became an Exit Strategist, I was told that self-care was extremely important. Loved ones close to me were very concerned because I often place work, family and others in front of my own [...]


Top 3 Ways an Occupational Therapist Helps Survivors of Human Trafficking

Take a moment to reflect upon your daily routine. It may start with waking up in morning, getting dressed, eating breakfast, driving to the office, working, preparing supper, and finally going to [...]


Sonja’s Escape on Human Trafficking Awareness Day

It was 2:00 am and I was leaving Ben Taub Hospital filled with peace and hope and in awe of the Lord’s deliverance. It’s the second hospital I’d been in that day. Earlier in the morning, I joined [...]


What is Love to A Survivor?

The women in the 60 day emergency assessment program are reading Redeeming Love in our Support Group.  It has lead to some wonderful discussions so far. My favorite being what is love?  I asked [...]


From Guatemala to Houston

During my sophomore year at Briar Cliff University, there was a lecture on campus about human sex trafficking that sparked my interest. I wasn’t very familiar with sex trafficking, but there was [...]


A Look Back at 2018

At the end of 2017, and as we entered 2018, I kept hearing Isaiah 43:18-19—God is doing a new thing, and we can certainly say with confidence He started a new thing in 2018 at Rescue Houston! In [...]


What Am I Called to Fight For?

Often times we have certain expectations or assumptions of where our life is headed. How does the saying go? “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” It was June 2009, [...]


Could This Be for Me, God?

In third grade I wrote a report on Gladys Aylwards, a little known missionary in China during the 1900s. Although I’m sure the report was nothing notable it had an lasting impact on my life. It [...]


Strength to Rise: A Survivor’s Story

She was introduced her first pimp when she was 21 years old. Living in Austin, Texas, estranged from her family, Tasha was vulnerable and alone. She recalls, “I didn’t know he was a pimp. I just [...]

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