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“Not all heroes wear capes.” This is one of those phrases that started off talking about first responders, like firefighters and EMTs, and then turned into a funny meme where you would see someone saying it about a pizza delivery man or a waitress who is bringing out food to a table. And honestly, I think it’s hilarious. But when I sat down to write this blog, I felt like I heard God say, “she’s a hero.” And I was immediately filled with the awe and gratefulness that the Lord has for one of my clients.


Around the end of April this client did something that is almost unheard of among the population we serve. The very thought of doing this fills those who have been in similar situations with fear for their lives. She flew to California, sat in front of her previous pimp, and testified against him in a court of law. I had the incredible honor of going with her and supporting her in this heroic step.


While we were there, she had to recount and relive. She had to say the names of people she never wanted to see again. She was terrified that the man who hurt her the most wouldn’t be found guilty and that he would come after her. She sat with the DA while they talked about her story, even when she never wanted to think about any of it again. She was terrified, but did it all anyways.


The day she was to go in and testify, we sat in the waiting room together and she told me she was afraid of what was going to happen. I told her what I do when I’m afraid; I open my hands, close my eyes, and hand over the situation to God. So that’s what we did. She opened her hands while I prayed that the Lord would fill her with peace as she gave Him her situation. She then knew that no matter what happened, God was in charge and He is always good. Tears streamed down her face as the Lord took her future from her hands, and exchanged it with hope no matter the outcome.


Because of her testimony, the pimp was found guilty on all 13 charges that were against him. Four of those charges were based on her alone.


This strong woman doesn’t wear a cape, she’s not a first responder, but she’s a hero and she’s not the only one. In my eyes, all the women in the industry are heroes, waiting to step out into their destiny.

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