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“We are now His broken things. But remember how He has used broken things: the broken pitchers of Gideon’s little army, the broken roof through which the paralyzed man was lowered to be healed, the broken alabaster box which shed its fragrance abroad and the broken body of our Savior.” —Martha Snell Nicholson, Heart Held High


As Client Advocacy Assistant at Rescue Houston, I have the very real honor of working directly with the amazing women who desire to be freed from the life and industry. I get to personally meet with them and spend time with them, and be a part of their lives as they bravely make choices to step into freedom. But one thing about this job is that in order to do it well, you need to know who you are. And Whose you are.


The past few months, the Lord has been so good in the moments of pain and confusion, in both client related circumstances and “life” circumstances that have stirred questions and, honestly, doubts about myself. And what these precious girls need, is someone who is reliable and steady—two words that I feel describe the opposite of my feelings and emotions over the past couple months! But praise God that it is not my emotions and feelings that dictate whether or not God will do what He says He will do, amen? He is always reliable, He is always steady, and we are always His. He cares for the women, He protects them, He fights for them. All I have to do is embrace my brokenness, love Him with my whole heart, and somehow, He empowers me to reflect His reliability, steadiness, and love.


The quote above is one that has sat with me for a few years, and I love it so. We really are His broken things that He loves to use to create a beautiful story and bring about redemption of all that is lost. He is showing me once again that brokenness is necessary for ministry. After all, how will the people you are loving see the Lord if it’s only about me and what I’ve done? SPOILER ALERT: often times, I do not feel that impressive. However, the women we serve are incredibly discerning and thankfully, value authenticity. So all I have to do, all I can do, is be me.


We really are jars of clay with a magnificent treasure inside, where the light of Jesus can only shine through if there are cracks and brokenness throughout us. The Lord is good and perfect in my brokenness, and yours as well. I don’t yet wake up every morning psyched about my brokenness and pain, but maybe one day. I identify with the Apostle Paul when he says he has not perfected knowing this by any means, but presses on towards the goal believing with all his heart that God is so good.

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