Our Process

To bridge the gap that exists between local outreach efforts to victims and the essential programs and resources provided by restoration homes and community resource providers, Rescue Houston focuses our efforts on distributing and responding to our 24/7 hotline, and the critical assessment and stabilization period following a victim’s decision to exit.

It is our goal that every victim know our local hotline number by heart. More than that, we’re determined that all who are sex trafficked or sexually exploited know that when they call, they can count on us to pick them up and help them begin again on a path of healing and restoration.


Response and Rescue

When our 24/7 hotline rings, we answer and provide immediate response to the person on the other end of the line. If she or he is ready to exit their circumstance, our hotline advocate jumps into action, deploying a trained exit team that will provide safe transport to and from secure locations to continue the exit process.


Assess and Stabilize

Once she or he has arrived at a secure assessment center, our sixty-day stabilization process begins. Teams of trained advocates begin the journey to freedom, health, and wellbeing. Clients are supported in addressing their pressing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs under the supervision of trauma-informed personnel.


Continued Care Placement

As clients complete our program, Rescue Houston coordinates placement in a vetted long-term restoration home or with community resource providers that will continue to facilitate their chosen path to recovery.

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