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On Sunday, March 18th, First Presbyterian Church of Houston publicly awarded $240,000 to advance the work of social entrepreneurs, locally and around the world. From 80 entrants, Project Flourish judges selected five innovative gospel-minded startups, including Rescue HoustonGood Works Studio, ArtPark Moving Studios, Renew All Ministries, and Ananias House.

“For four years we have been responding to the needs of our clients, but the financial backing of Project Flourish has made it possible for Rescue Houston to develop an emergency assessment program, and fill the greatest need in Houston’s anti-sex trafficking landscape,” said Allison Meier Madrigal, founder and president of Rescue Houston. “We believe the combination of a centralized hotline, transport teams and an emergency assessment program is a triple threat to the sex trade.”

Read the full press release here, and watch the full March 17th presentation by Allison Meier Madrigal and Tiffany Pardue here.

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