Volunteer Reviews

  • "The more time I spend around trafficking survivors, the more I have an appreciation of the immense courage it takes to make the call to Rescue Houston for help. The person summoning this courage may not be able to do it a second time. My wife and I serve with Rescue Houston's Exit Team because having that call for help go unanswered is not an option."

    Joe Madison Exit Team
  • "Walking through life with someone isn't always pretty, but we weren't made to do this alone. Serving with Rescue Houston as an exit path mentor has given me the chance to build real and trusting friendships with women exiting the commercial sex industry. I'm thankful to have women in my life to encourage me and pick up when I call. I'm happy to be able to do that for someone else.

    Regan Huey Exit Path Mentor
  • "After taking the 5 love languages assessment, we learned her love language is quality time, so I was intentional to make sure to love her in a way she would receive. At the end of our time together, I said, “Hope you felt extra loved today with the quality time we spent!️” "And I could feel she really meant it when she replied, “I really do.”

    Morgan Fischer Exit Path Mentor
  • "Victims are really being rescued, and it is amazing! I cannot express the joy I recently felt when I confirmed that a victim who told me on a call that she "just wanted her life back", was indeed rescued by a Rescue Houston Exit Team later that same day and will now be given a chance to become a survivor...

    Leslie Sims Hotline Advocate
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