Why Volunteer?

Be A Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself.

Outreach Team

Give a message of hope to a victim through research or secured phone calls or text messages.

Helpline Advocate

Have calls forwarded to your cell or home phone and be a light of hope to a victim of sex trafficking or sexual exploitation.*

Exit Team

Be a part of our exit team that provides immediate pickup and transportation to a transitional safe home shelter.*

Exit Path Mentor

Walk along side a survivor during her restoration process, providing encouragement, love and guidance.*

Prayer Team

Join our prayer team to get notifications via text for specific prayer requests. Text “@pray4rh” to 713-766-3719 to join our prayer team.

*A background check and 3 hour training is required of all helpline, exit team and exit path volunteers.



Email us at volunteer@rescuehouston.org to be notified of the next training.


Click here to complete your background check now. Create an account and enter code: vsmhn0d and follow the prompt. Cost is $11.


Attend a 3 hour training session.