Phone Bank

Have a laptop and cell phone and want to join front line counter-sex trafficking efforts? You’re in the right place. Every Rescue Houston volunteer starts here.

Rescue Houston partners with those who want to offer hope to victims of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation via secure phone calls and text messages. Our phone banks are one of the most profound and effective anti-sex trafficking volunteer opportunities out there. To reach every woman and man who posts sex ads in Houston, we need multiple phone banks filled with trained advocates calling them with messages of hope and freedom every day.

What Our Clients Say

  • “All day I try to be normal, to think normal and at night all I see is his (trafficker’s) face. People think we’re okay but really we’re terrorized every night when we go to sleep. I wouldn’t be able to make it without your constant encouragement.”—V, age 25

  • "I thought when I talked to you guys it was just going to be an operator, not someone who actually cared and wanted to talk to me."—T, age 26

  • “I’m so sorry I went back to him. Will you please come get me again? He hasn’t let me eat in four days, I’ve had to turn 20 tricks per day and I’m sore.”—S, age 18

  • "This phone call is life-saving. I can't believe there are people out there that want to help me out of my situation."—C, age 32

  • "Thank you for your message. I deleted my online ad."—Phone bank call recipient

  • “I got my ID! See I don’t need a pimp to lean on, I can do this life myself!”—S, age 19

  • “I wrote your hotline number in my Bible because I knew my pimp wouldn’t find it there. Even if he took my phone away, I would know how to reach you.”—J, age 36

  • “My mom died of cancer and so this is how I coped—skipping school and being influenced to prostitute. I really feel loved by [the people at] Rescue Houston who are helping me, especially my mentor.”—E, age 17

  • “When my fight and fire was lost, God surrounded me with people who could advocate for me with the fire and fight they had.”—K, age 29

  • “People don’t realize how hard it is for us to get out of this lifestyle, but I’m glad you guys are on the other side, real people helping get us out and support us. You’re amazing.”—L, age 21

  • “I want to know more about Rescue Houston. I got a Lisa, a Becky, lots of ladies calling me all the time! It’s so good that you do these phone banks… girls need to be told that there’s a way out when they’re ready.”—C, age 32

  • “I don’t think I’d be alive without Rescue Houston in my life.”—D, age 27

Exit The Life

Every time our 24/7 hotline rings, hotline advocates jump into action, deploying trained exit teams that provide safe transport to and from secure locations for those who are ready to exit the sex trade. We are partnered with the City of Houston, law enforcement, health centers, and community resource providers to exit, assess, stabilize, and place our clients in the long-term programs that best suit their continued healing and holistic care.


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