About Us

Rescue Houston brings hope, freedom, and new life to victims of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation, using a 24/7 local hotline to provide immediate response and rescue.

Rescue Houston was set in motion with the discovery that millions of women, children, and men are sexually enslaved in the world today, with thousands located right here in greater Houston. As we grew more aware of the complex issue of sex trafficking, we asked the question that you may have asked yourself, “Where do we even begin?”

Seventeen months of extensive research revealed a gaping hole in the counter-sex trafficking landscape. Houston and much of America needed an effective way to separate victims from victimizers and set them safely on a path of healing and restoration. When we learned that almost 30 victims of sex trafficking had been rescued by an Atlanta hotline in six months, we knew we’d found a critical missing piece in an ever-evolving solution.

Launching a Local Hotline

After consulting with the Atlanta-based hotline, our team began forming strategic partnerships with advocacy groups, law enforcement, social service organizations, and faith-based organizations to support those who are ready to exit the life. In May of 2014, Rescue Houston was established.

The Rescue Houston hotline deploys exit teams and provides trained advocates that are available to victims of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our process uniquely bridges the gap between varied grassroots digital, telephonic, and neighborhood outreach efforts and the restoration programs and resources that are available to survivors, locally and nationwide.

As sex trafficking has progressed and become increasingly sophisticated, so have our counter sex-trafficking efforts. Along with our hotline and exit process, our advocates educate, equip, and collaborate with teams in our community to identify and engage the sexually exploited among us. We know our role in the landscape and recognize that it takes each one of us working side by side to free those in bondage and abolish sex slavery in Houston.

So whether you’re an established abolitionist, organization, or individual that is just getting started, we offer you our hand and an invitation. Please join us today as a strategic partner, volunteer or financial partner to provide hope, freedom, and new life to victims of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. The opportunity for their freedom is huge, and just a click or call away.

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