Strength to Rise: A Survivor’s Story

She was introduced her first pimp when she was 21 years old. Living in Austin, Texas, estranged from her family, Tasha was vulnerable and alone. She recalls, “I didn’t know he was a pimp. I just [...]


For His Glory

When Goliath appeared in Israel, the comfortable and peaceful life of the Israelites was disturbed. Each day Goliath faced God’s people, mocking and challenging them to fight. Nobody was [...]


It takes a Village: Fighting Human Trafficking Together

We are all familiar with the proverb, “It takes a village”, right? If you are like me, you’ve heard it in the context of raising a child. Recently, Rescue Houston participated [...]


Assembling the Intercessors and Watchmen

On Thursday, October 25th, a group from across Houston gathered at the Great Southwest Prayer Center (GSWPC) and drew near to God’s throne, receiving the mercy and grace we need to free all in [...]


The Unspoken Truth of the Sex Industry

His voice was shaky, and he couldn’t stop rambling. Then the words “I am in the porn industry” came out of his mouth. I took a deep breath and started to pray for God to guide me through this [...]


Healing through Connection

We recently completed a training session in the therapeutic Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) model. This therapy trains caregivers to provide effective support and treatment for people [...]


Deeper things of a Robot Sex Brothel

In the last weeks the “Sex Robot Brothel” has made Houston and national media headlines. KinkySdollS, a Canadian company, was planning to open the first Sex Robot Brothel in the U.S., here in [...]


An Open Letter to All of our Community Partners

It is with great love and honor that we bless Jennifer Ahart as she walks into her next season in life. From the first day I met her at Still Creek Ranch, I saw her love and pure heart for young [...]


The Houston 20 Invests $67,000 in RH Emergency Assessment Program

It was April 2017 when I sent out an email encouraging the Houston area anti-sex trafficking nonprofits to gather together in the home of my new friend Jennifer Hohman. We’d met at an oil and gas [...]


Rescue Houston Could Have Saved my Aunt

Uncle Yak, that’s what she wanted to be called. The cool, hip Aunt Kay who never followed the rules. She would travel all over the world and come visit, bringing amazing gifts. I knew she loved [...]

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