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When Goliath appeared in Israel, the comfortable and peaceful life of the Israelites was disturbed. Each day Goliath faced God’s people, mocking and challenging them to fight. Nobody was confident enough to fight because they were afraid of becoming the Philistines’ slaves. The Israelites lived in fear, anxiety and discomfort. They were not able to live a normal and peaceful life. Goliath occupied their thinking, their conversations and daily life. They did not think about the future, they were in survival mode.

When David came to visit his brothers, he heard Goliath defiling the name of God and mocking His people. David became angry and determined to accept the challenge. What made him respond differently? Why was he not afraid like all the others? Why was he willing to fight this giant? 

David could have walked away and gone back to his sheep. Fighting Goliath was inconvenient. His responsibility was tending sheep. War was not his job. It was the responsibility of his brothers and other soldiers. Yet, David decided to fight the Philistine. He wasn’t interested in making a name for himself or living a comfortable life. Nor did he choose to battle Goliath because the Israelites were afraid. David wanted to kill Goliath because he defiled to the name of God. David’s awe for the glory of God motivated him to honor and protect His name. He was willing to risk his life. Yet he had complete confidence that God would back him up.

I was convicted when pondering this scenario. How often do we fight a battle simply to remain comfortable? How often do we avoid facing giants so not to face our fears of the unknown and discomforts in our hearts? Are we deeply troubled and angry when God’s name is defiled? Are we willing to risk our lives (comfort, time, family, money, plan) simply to bring Glory to His name?

David dealt with his fears in order to fight the giant. When he fought bears and lions, David discovered God was with him. God did not fear Goliath and therefore, he didn’t either. David knew this conflict was a perfect set-up for God to be glorified, and his name to be known through all nations and generations. Goliath was not a disturbance, but he was a set-up! A set-up for God to be glorified and for David to fulfill His calling.

We are not promised a comfortable life as a believer. The Bible tells us to take up our cross daily, which means dying to self. Saying yes when God asks us to do something that’s inconvenient or uncomfortable requires us to deal with the fears in our hearts. But we become over-comers for ourselves and others!

Some big giants in our world include poverty, abortion, greed, human trafficking, loneliness, and depression. Personally, our giants include fear, pride, loneliness and trauma. We, the church, are called to unite and fight these in prayer. I want to encourage you to rely on the five stones and sling the Lord has entrusted to you.

The women we serve are battling giants and functioning in survival mode. They need a David who is confident in God to bring freedom and healing. They need someone who desires to see God be glorified through these woman’s lives and is willing to risk a comfortable life. Will you be one?

To those who said yes, I honor you! Keep saying yes because your faith is echoing in eternity and it brings glory to God.

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