Rescue Houston Could Have Saved my Aunt

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Uncle Yak, that’s what she wanted to be called. The cool, hip Aunt Kay who never followed the rules. She would travel all over the world and come visit, bringing amazing gifts. I knew she loved me by the way she would look at me. She would always tell me, I was her favorite, but I wouldn’t dare tell my sister or brother. The year, 1996 was the first year we didn’t hear from her. Checking the mail every day, I knew that she had sent a postcard telling me how wonderful the country was she was visiting. Sadly, it never came. In 1998, my grandfather hired a private investigator to try and locate my aunt. The day came my father sat me down and told me that Aunt Kay died prostituting on the streets of Las Vegas. She had cirrhosis of the liver and was addicted to drugs, so prostituting is how she supported her habit.

Anger set in quickly and my mind started to race. Why would she do that and leave me? Was I not enough? Aunt Kay why? Years went by and I became obsessed trying to understand her life. I started to work at a drug and rehab facility, thinking that being around addicts, I would soon find the answers that I was looking for. That failed me, and I took my burdens to the Lord.

During a 21 day fast, I got revelation and knew I was called to help women who were being exploited and sex trafficked. Rescue Houston would have saved my aunt and given her hope that her life could have been restored, healed and freed. Instead, she died as a Jane Doe and I will never see her beautiful face again.

My ultimate passion is to help women that are courageous enough to make a leap of faith and let the Lord completely heal them. I will walk side by side with survivors, encouraging them that God has a beautiful purpose for their life.

My name is Taylor Martinez and I am an exit strategist for Rescue Houston. I help coordinate exits for the women and men who call our hotline to get out of the sex industry.  I am able to assess the situations they are in and help them take the first step in their new lives.

I will serve the Lord and honor my Aunt, by helping women who live life like she did.

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