The Unspoken Truth of the Sex Industry

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His voice was shaky, and he couldn’t stop rambling. Then the words “I am in the porn industry” came out of his mouth. I took a deep breath and started to pray for God to guide me through this call.

My mind was racing as he started to tell me about his life and the “work” he does. You could hear the outcry as he continued to say his health is deteriorating and he has a knot in his stomach that he can’t get rid of.

When we think of sex trafficking we automatically think of brothels, strip clubs, and the people working on the streets. What about the porn industry? I’m educated about the demand side of trafficking and well aware that pornography is the gate way to seeking out a prostituted person. Yet, I never thought about the people being exploited behind the camera. Who is there to support them?

As he talked, I felt like my blinders were removed and I could see clearly into his heart. He wrestled with the work he did, but the money overpowered it. As I let him continue to vent about having over 20 sex scenes with different people I could feel my heart break. How could I miss this industry?

He paused and said he saw a counselor in LA who told him the unrest he felt was normal. The words were at the tip of my tongue and finally poured out. “I am deeply sorry, but no. What you are feeling is not normal,” I told him. “Your health is at risk and the knot in your stomach is your spirit crying out for help.” I was able to give him information to seek counseling and affirm him that he is not alone.  After ending the call I realized the lack of help for the people in the porn industry. My prayer is that more resources come available to truly help the people in the porn industry, and we all gain a deeper understanding to the pain of those stuck in this industry.

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